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NCShorelines is a group of property owners along the Noxon and Cabinet reservoirs in Northwestern Montana who have united to form a non-profit organization.

Our goal is to serve as a resource to landowners in navigating the regulations governing shoreline improvements, and provide a clearinghouse for information that impacts our members. We also seek to represent the interests of members while serving as a liaison between the various stakeholders and Avista Utilities.

ALERT!! Avista Corporation has emailed our Avista Property Use Permit for 2020. It was emailed from Davina Brown. Permits are due no later than March 31st.

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About Our Membership

The Noxon Cabinet Shoreline Coalition exists to provide property owners possessing adjacent property to Avista owned shoreline with vital representation at the Management Committee meetings. The Management Committee was created as part of the 1996 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERK) RE-LICENSING AGREEMENT that established guidelines and processes for rule making for all users of the Noxon and Cabinet Reservoirs.
NCShoreline’s one seat at the Management Committee table is the onlyAvenue for representation. This is why it is vital for property owners to support the Coalition. Without NCShoreline’s representation, other organizations and companies at the table would have free reign to dictate how shoreline owners access and use their adjacent Avista owned shoreline property.
If you haven’t yet joined the Noxon Cabinet Shoreline Coalition, consider doing so right now. $30 a year is a small amount to pay to help secure your property rights. (Click here for a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION).

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