Member Services

Web Site. – Our goal is to have this website serve as a useful resource to help you learn more about the rules governing our shorelines. Our desire is to keep you informed about issues and actions under consideration that may affect you as property owners.

Representation. NCShorlines representatives participate in all Avista planning activities that affect private landowners along the shores of the Noxon and Cabinet Reservoirs. Your membership in the coalition ensures your interests are represented in this process.

Member Meetings and Surveys NCShorelines member meetings are a great opportunity to gather feedback and disseminate information to our members. Members are also welcome to email NCSC leadership with feedback and comments or questions. – Noxon Cabinet Shoreline Coalition – Services & Benefits

The goal of the Noxon Cabinet Shoreline Coalition ( is to enhance the ownership of property in our area and adjacent Avista property by working collaboratively with interested groups in the area.

Your membership in our coalition can help us achieve that goal. Membership provides direct input into the planning and regulation of land-use on both public and private property throughout the Noxon/Cabinet basin. The more members in our coalition, the more credibility we have with our policy-making partners. Membership fees are used exclusively to obtain and disseminate information that directly benefits landowners along Noxon/Cabinet shorelines.

Areas of Concern

The form can be found here: NCSC_MembershipApp2016

Shoreline Issues:

Because Avista owns the shoreline along the Noxon and Cabinet Reservoirs, they must grant permission before you can make any changes to the shoreline. You must submit an application to Avista for a permit to make improvements such as installing docks, cutting down trees, protecting against erosion, etc. Where possible, we seek to streamline the permitting processes and provide the necessary information you need to navigate those processes. Contact the Avista Resource Offices, Box 1469 Noxon, MT 59853 406-847-1285.

Arthur Potts
Box 1469
Noxon, Mt 59853
(406) 847-1283

Aquatic Weed Mitigation:

For a variety of reasons aquatic weeds have become a problem for many property owners along the shoreline. NCShorelines has received much comment from its members and others looking for solutions to mitigate the growth. To date there appears to be no permanent solution but the NCShorelines continues to explore options and is a member if the Sanders County Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force.

Property Development/Improvements:

A NCShoreline representative is on the committee that reviews applications for granting permit requests.

NCShorelines continues to play a key role in the property development planning process. This forum offers key stakeholders the opportunity to have their thoughts and opinions fairly represented and potentially influence key planning decisions. Your membership is your passkey to information on issues that may affect your property today and into the future.

Property Maintenance:

A key component to the NCShorelines mission is to help its members understand policy and procedures through accessible information about existing policy.

Whether you are thinking of putting in a new dock or gazebo, or eradicating some noxious weeds along your shoreline, your membership in the NCShorelines Coalition will provide you with assistance and information about the existing policies and procedures that will have an impact on your work. From Dock Design and Density Standards to Permitting processes, NCShorelines members have access to the most current information and support to help ensure a successful relationship on the shoreline.

Water Quality:

NCShorlines members are very concerned about water quality in the reservoirs, Avista along with state and federal agencies continue to monitor water quality as it enters and leaves the reservoirs. Recent measurements indicate an elevation of nutrients. Because the water above Noxon Reservoir doesn’t reflect these elevated levels, the concern is that development along the reservoir may be a big contributor. Fertilizers and sewage would be the most likely culprits. Which is why it is important for land owners to comply with the mowing restrictions (25’ from high water mark) we have in place to establish a buffer zone.

Wildife Management & Planning:

We believe it’s important to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the Noxon and Cabinet reservoirs. It is important for the stakeholders in the community that these natural resources are protected and preserved in light of the development pressures within the community.

As a member of the coalition, you have the opportunity to gain access to key stakeholders who continually influence this natural resource.
Please join us today and help us continue these valuable efforts. Again, membership is inexpensive, yet valuable for your future, and the future of our community.