Bottom Barrier Guidelines


In 2007 Eurasian Water-milfoil (EWM) was found in Noxon Rapids Resevoir. Since EWM spreads by fragmentation, the Sanders County Aquatic Invasive Plants Task Force (AIP Task Force) worked with many dock owners to install bottom barrier mats annually. The bottom barrier mats successfully suppressed EWM and limited the opportunity for fragmentation. Installation and removal of the mats was greatly assisted by Avista Corp.

In 2014, some changes were made relevant to the bottom barrier mats. Noxon Cabinet Shoreline Coalition applied for, and received, the necessary 310 permit allowing its members to continue the annual installation of the barriers. The barriers may be installed on EWM inundated land owned by Avista Corporation which experiences a high amount of water craft activity. Barriers are not designed to prohibit the growth of non-invasive species of plant life. Shoreline owners must submit an annual BARRIER PERMIT REQUEST to NC Shorelines no later than May 1st of each season previous to annual installation. NCSC members may install and remove their own mats each season. Contact Rick Robinson for information assistance. Barrier Material List and Assembly Instructions are included on this website.

Please note the following conditions:

*With your Barrier Request Form, include a drawing of how your barriers will be placed around your dock, quantities of barriers you request, and your annual dues and barrier fees. Current Annual Member Dues Application ($30). Current Annual Barrier Permit Fee ($20). Total is $50.

*It is not recommended that barriers be installed previous to high water run-offdue to excessive sediment buildup. Notify NCSC when barriers are removed each season by calling 406-728-7262 or 406-544-0005 OR email NCSC is responsible to Green Mountain Conservation District for these notifications each year.

*Barriers are intended to provide limited boat mooring and open water access. Barriers may not be approved for installation in all requested locations.


Noxon Cabinet Shoreline Coalition, P.O. Box 1466, Trout Creek, MT 59874